Pedal for Pat - October 17-28, 2017

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In the Fall of 2016 The Pat Summitt Clinic was drawing close to opening its doors at The University of Tennessee Medical Center. The center was designed to fulfill the wishes of the legendary women’s basketball coach, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2011, and passed away in 2016. Although Pat didn’t live long enough to see the world class clinic open its doors, her legacy and story will continue through the countless lives that will be positively impacted by the clinic’s treatments, research, education, and support of those suffering from Alzheimer’s. The Clinic officially opened in December 2016.

As excitement was growing leading up to the opening of the clinic, an idea was born in the heart of a Knoxville native. A local senior living executive, Joshua Crisp, decided to embark on an exciting journey to raise awareness and money for The Pat Summitt Foundation and Clinic. Josh has dedicated his career to helping older adults and those facing the challenges of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia by developing and managing communities and programs to care for those suffering from the disease.

As a huge fan of Pat Summitt and an advocate for Alzheimer’s treatment and research, Josh began thinking of how he could assist in raising money for the clinic and The Pat Summitt Foundation. Josh, being a health and fitness enthusiast as well as an obstacle course racer, decided it would be fun to try to do something that would get him out of his comfort zone and require a team of people to achieve. After pitching his idea to a few friends, family, and The Foundation, the event was born. “Pedal for Pat” is the first of it’s kind fundraiser for The Pat Summitt Foundation.

Pedal for Pat will involve a team of riders, The Summitt Cyclists, riding in honor of the legendary women’s basketball coach's record 1098 wins. The Summitt Cyclists will ride 1098 miles which will take them from Knoxville, Tennessee to near the southern most tip of the United States. The riders will attempt to complete the awesome ride in just 12 days.

As part of the ride, the team hopes to spread awareness of Alzheimer’s disease research, treatments, and support in each community they visit. It’s the team’s goal to also visit some senior living communities and other caring organizations along the way that support those facing Alzheimer’s disease.

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Our Route


 The Start

The Pat Summitt Statue
Knoxville, TN

The Finish

Marathon, FL

Together We Will Win!