The Pat Summitt Foundation Advisory Board

Kara Lawson Barling**   Mary Ellen Brewington Allen Carter Joan Cronan
Dr. Joe DiPietro
Danielle Donehew
Dr. John Dougherty
James A. Haslam II*
Dan Holbrook
Adrian Jay
Dr. Joe Johnson
Dr. Bob Kaplan
Bob Lederer
Dr. Allan Levey
Peyton Manning**
Michelle Brooke-Marciniak
Dr. Ron Petersen
Betsy Roberts
Dr. William Shankle
Anne Sprouse
Carol Stiff
Tyler Summitt
Dr. Pierre Tariot

*Chairman of the Advisory Board
**Honorary Co-Chair of the Advisory Board

The Pat Summitt Foundation Staff

Patrick Wade, Director of The Pat Summit Foundation
  Adam Waller, Director of Community Relations of The Pat Summitt Foundation

Patrick Wade

Executive Director

Adam Waller

Director of Community Relations

Sunny Biden

Director of Public Relations

East Tennessee Foundation Staff


  Back Row Left to Right: Deborah Phillips, Deanene Catani, Michael McClamroch, Jan Elston, Sherri DeCosta Alley, John Johnson, Sunny Biden, Jackie Slagle, Julie Brasfield

First Row Left to Right: Patrick Wade, Beth Heller, Precy Sturgeon, Carolyn Schwenn, Jeanette Kelleher, Susan Blair, Jessica Renfro, Jeanne Campbell, Ashley Siferd, Samantha Amick, Adam Waller, Trudy Hughes

Not Pictured: Dan Foltz-Gray


The Pat Summitt Foundation staff members are part of ETF’s 22 member staff, which provides tremendous support and input through staff assistance, legal and financial support, communications strategies, and non-profit management expertise to make PSF even stronger.

Sherri Alley, Vice President for Advancement
Samantha Amick, Advancement Associate
Sunny Biden, The Pat Summitt Foundation, Dir. of Public Relations
Susan Blair, Board Liaison
Julie Brasfield, Fundholder Relationship Associate
Jeanne Campbell, Financial & Administrative Officer
Deanene Catani, Director of Communications
Jan Elston, Vice President for Competitive Grant Programs
Dan Foltz-Gray, Coordinator, Coffey Memorial Scholarship Fund
Beth Heller, Vice President for Scholarship Programs
Trudy Hughes, Vice President for Regional Advancement
John Johnson, Director of Finance and Administration
Jeanette Kelleher, Vice President for Operations
Michael McClamroch, President & CEO
Deborah Phillips, Executive Assistant to the President & Office Manager
Jessica Renfro, Financial and Administrative Associate
Carolyn Schwenn, Executive Vice President & Secretary
Ashley Siferd, Program Assistant
Jackie Slagle, Financial & Administrative Officer
Precy Sturgeon, Financial & Administrative Officer
Patrick Wade, Pat Summitt Foundation, Executive Director
Adam Waller, Pat Summitt Foundation, Dir. for Community Relations

Together We Will Win!